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Property:Has volume number

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This is a property of type Number.

For articles published in a journal, it represents the volume number of the journal volume that an article was published in. For issue number, use Property:Has issue number. An article might have both an issue and volume number, or only one or the other, depending on how the journal is numbered. A volume typically covers one year, but this could vary. A journal article should usually have only one volume number.

For a book (major edition) that is part of a series, this property represents the volume number within the series. It is represented at the level of major editions, not minor editions. If the edition has multiple volumes, the property can have multiple values separated by semi-colons, each one giving the number of a volume. For example, I.G. Philip's edition of The Journal of Sir Samuel Luke published by Oxfordshire Record Society, would have these values:


We do not record volume numbers for a book that has more than one volume but is not part of a series (for example, Warburton's Memoirs of Prince Rupert and the Cavaliers). This information can usually be found in external resources linked to by external identifiers. In some cases, volumes of a book may need to be represented as different major or minor editions.

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