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Help:Download data

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All data on this site is freely reusable under CC-BY-SA. You can download data in bulk in various ways described below. Scraping data from HTML pages one page at a time is not recommended because it's inefficient and inconvenient, and may put too much strain on the server.

  • Github: wikitext source code of the entire contents and structure of the wiki as wikitext XML. All individual entities as RDF XML. Also gives instructions for setting up Mediawiki to work like By The Sword Linked.
  • Special:Ask allows you to write your own semantic queries using the built-in query language. You don't have to log in to write a query. Up to 2,000 query results can be downloaded as CSV, JSON, RSS or RDF. You can only access values of semantic properties this way. Many pages have standard queries that link to Ask. You can download results of these queries in the same way.
  • Special:Export allows you to export the wikitext source code of up to 4,999 pages as wikitext XML. You don't have to log in to export pages. Names of pages to be exported need to be entered in the text area. There are several ways to do this:
    • manually type or paste in the names of any pages you want.
    • put the name of a category in the 'Add pages from category' box and click 'Add'. This automatically adds all pages from that category to the text area. You can repeat this for more than one category.
    • copy and paste results of a query from Special:Ask.
  • Special:ExportRDF allows you to export semantic property values as RDF for selected pages. Page names should be entered in the text area in the same way as Special:Export above, except that there's no option to add pages from a category. Recursive export is probably disabled, or will be in future.