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This is a demo of a project to make a new finding aid and reference work about the British Civil Wars. Most users should be able to find most of what they need from search suggestions in the search box above and following links. Search suggestions now have case folding and accent folding, which means you can type lower case ASCII characters into the search box and the suggestions will also match upper case and accented characters. Surnames usually come first in page names for people and military units. This site runs on MediaWiki (like Wikipedia) with Semantic MediaWiki (like Marine Lives), so if you're familiar with either of those sites you should be comfortable here.

These pages give an idea of how it works:

From these pages you can follow links to queries, categories, sources and other entities.

Substantial batches of pages are now being imported. See Project:Progress for an overview of what we have and haven't got so far.

You can also drill down through GLAMs to get an overview of their collections:

This site can also represent manuscripts that no longer exist or whose locations are unknown. For example:

  • Lost MS 1‎ is a letter from Lord Wilmot to Prince Rupert which was printed by Warburton but has since disappeared.

See Help:Create a page for a list and brief descriptions of basic entity types, or Help:Data structures for a more detailed overview of the semantic data.

Account creation is disabled while the site is being tested but you can view the forms and source code for each page by clicking its 'edit' tabs. Anonymous editing will always be disabled.


This wiki can store and display dates in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The Julian calendar was used in Britain and Ireland before 1752 but many European countries switched to the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century. See Help:Dates for more information.