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Project:Privacy policy

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This site runs on MediaWiki, which automatically tries to set cookies for all visitors. These cookies are only used internally by the software and do not provide any information to the site owner or any third parties.

In practice, cookies are only important if you want to register and log in to edit pages (registration is currently closed but will be opened to the public in future). If you do not want cookies and never want to log in, you can safely block cookies from ''. If you don't know how to block cookies, check your browser's documentation.

Publishing information about living people

This project includes pages for living authors. These pages should only include information that is already publicly available and not restricted by another organization's privacy policy (for example, the GRO does not allow details of living people from birth/marriage/death certificates to be published even though the certificates themselves are available to the public).

We also put further restrictions on some private information, even if it is already available to the public elsewhere:

  • transgendered people's deadnames must never be used anywhere on this site.
  • if a person has changed their surname on marriage or for some other reason, only surnames that they use, or have used, professionally should be mentioned on this site. Surnames that they have never used professionally are treated as private and not mentioned here.

Private data about registered users

Registration is currently closed, but in future registration and editing will be made public. When this happens, you will need to supply and validate an e-mail address in order to register. This address will not be made public or shared with third parties. After your account has been validated, you can delete your e-mail address if you don't want it stored. If you choose to keep your e-mail address stored with your account, you can opt in to receive e-mails from site admins and other users.

Your IP address may be stored by the software but will not be published. MediaWiki only displays IP addresses for anonymous edits, and anonymous editing will not be allowed on this site.

No other information about you will be stored or published except what you choose to publish on your user page.