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Willingham, George (-1651, London merchant) - household

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Household of George and Anne Willingham, London.

Basic data

Instance of: Household
Wikidata ID:
definite start date: Tuesday 21 September 1624 JL / 1 October 1624 GR[1]
latest known date: Wednesday 2 July 1651 JL / 12 July 1651 GR[2]


Permanently located at Golden Anchor, St Swithins Lane, London, England.

Parent organizations

Dates in italic are earliest or latest known dates. Non-italic dates are definite start or end dates.

Parent: Relationship: Earliest: Latest: Source:
This organization has not been linked to any parent organizations.


This type of unit is not usually expected to have subordinate units.


Grey horse (George Willingham's)Animal15 July 1642 JL
Willingham, George (-1651, London merchant)Head of household21 September 1624 JL2 July 1651 JL
Avys, David (soldier)ServantAugust 1642 JL
Wharton, Nehemiah (soldier)ServantAugust 1642 JL
Willingham, Anne (nee Eaton)Wife21 September 1624 JL

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