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Willingham, George (-1651, London merchant)

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London merchant and member of the Painter Stainers' Company. Master of Nehemiah Wharton.

Basic data

Instance of: Human
Spelt own name: Unknown Needs source
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Positions held

Dates in italic are earliest or latest known dates. Non-italic dates are definite start or end dates.

Organization: Ord: Role: Earliest: Latest: Source:
Willingham, George (-1651, London merchant) - household Head of household Tuesday
21 Sep 1624 JL
1 Oct 1624 GR
2 Jul 1651 JL
12 Jul 1651 GR
Golden Anchor, St Swithins Lane, London, England
St Swithins Lane, London, England
Resident August 1642 JL October 1642 JL [2]
Painter Stainers' Company (London) Freeman Wednesday
2 Jul 1651 JL
12 Jul 1651 GR

Query for sources

British Library, Sloane MS 2035B, f. 5Letter from Oliver Cromwell to George Willingham. Undated but probably early 1640/1 JL.
British Library, Sloane MS 2035B, f. 9Letter from Henry Burton to George Willingham
TNA, PROB 11/218/605Registered copy of will of George Willingham, Painter Stainer of Saint Swithin, City of London. Originally made 1651-07-02 JL. Proved 1651-10-27 JL by Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
TNA, SP 16/491/119Letter from Nehemiah Wharton to George Willingham, 16 August 1642 JL.
TNA, SP 16/491/133Letter from Wharton, Nehemiah, Sergeant (letter writer) to George Willingham, 26 August 1642 JL.
TNA, SP 16/491/138Letter from Nehemiah Wharton to George Willingham, 30 August 1642 JL.
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