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Wharton, Nehemiah (soldier)

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Parliamentarian soldier and letter writer. Sergeant in Denzil Holles's foot regiment. Servant of London merchant George Willingham. For the similarly named London wood turner and diarist, see Wallington, Nehemiah (diarist)

Basic data

Instance of: Human
Wikidata ID: Q28070704
6 Bacon ID: 10054829
EMLO person ID:
Marine Lives page:
Gender status: Confirmed male human[1]


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Positions held

Dates in italic are earliest or latest known dates. Non-italic dates are definite start or end dates.

Organization: Role: Earliest: Latest: Source:
Willingham, George (-1651, London merchant) - household Servant August 1642 JL [2]
Holles, Denzil - foot regiment
Parliamentarian and Protectorate forces
Sergeant (foot) August 1642 JL October 1642 JL [3]


TNA, SP 16/491/119Letter from Nehemiah Wharton to George Willingham, 16 August 1642 JL.
TNA, SP 16/491/133Letter from Wharton, Nehemiah (soldier) to George Willingham, 26 August 1642 JL.
TNA, SP 16/491/138Letter from Nehemiah Wharton to George Willingham, 30 August 1642 JL.

Any other information

Served in Captain Povy's company. See TNA, SP 16/492/321. This will need adding to his personnel relationships later.

  1. Military rank shown by his letters in TNA, SP 16.
  2. Wharton's letters mention that he had been Willingham's servant.
  3. His letters in TNA, SP 16.