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TNA, SP 28

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TNA, SP (State Papers) > TNA, SP 28

Parliamentarian financial records from the civil wars and Interregnum. Known as the Commonwealth Exchequer Papers.

Structured data

Instance of: Collection
Catalogue record:
Held by GLAM: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)
Citable reference: SP 28
Orderable reference: See lower levels
Created by: See lower levels
Main subject:


TNA, SP 28/1A-119Parliamentarian pay warrants signed by generals and/or committees. Many volumes also include sections of miscellaneous financial documents.
TNA, SP 28/120-125Parliamentarian muster rolls, 1642-51. TNA catalogue says mostly for Ireland but also includes Newport Pagnell garrison and Essex's lifeguard.
TNA, SP 28/126-147Accounts of parliamentarian armies, officers, committees and hospitals. Some boxes also include other financial records.
TNA, SP 28/148-190Mostly parish accounts of losses submitted to county sub-committees of the parliamentarian Committee for Taking Accounts of the Whole Kingdom. Arranged by county but not well sorted. Some strays can be found in other boxes of SP 28, other series at TNA, or in other archives. Also includes other accounts, tax records, and collections for distressed protestants in Ireland (some of these are combined with Protestation returns).
TNA, SP 28/191-195Collections for distressed protestants in Ireland.
TNA, SP 28/196-204Miscellaneous assessments
TNA, SP 28/205-218County sequestration papers, including accounts and inventories.
TNA, SP 28/219-251Parliamentarian county committee papers, including warrants, accounts, orders. Also includes some stray parish accounts.
TNA, SP 28/252-260Records of parliamentarian Committee for Taking Accounts of the Whole Kingdom and its sub-committees. Includes letters, orders, depositions, certificates, petitions.
TNA, SP 28/261-290Records of various parliamentarian and Protectorate committees.
TNA, SP 28/291Recusant estates. 2 parts. Vouchers to accounts of receivers of revenue from archbishop's lands in Kent and recusant estates in Surrey and Sussex (1642-1645); Account of farmers of recusant estates in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Rutland (1655-1656); Discharges of recusant estates in Durh, Denb, Berks, and Oxon (1658-1659). 1642-1659 JL.
TNA, SP 28/292Westminster School and Almshouses: warrants and papers of governors. 1655-1659 JL.
TNA, SP 28/293-297Acquittances to accounts of receivers of assessments: printed forms.
TNA, SP 28/298-309Bills and Receipts: Army, County Committees, etc
TNA, SP 28/310-329Fragments and miscellanea not otherwise sorted.
TNA, SP 28/330Trustees for sale of the King's lands: warrant book (1650-1651). Trustees for sale of the King's lands: acquittance books (1651-1659). 3 vols. 1650-1659.
TNA, SP 28/331Deeds relating to enforced sale of advowsons for relief of ministers. 1646-1651.
TNA, SP 28/332County committees:additional papers, various counties. Various dates.
TNA, SP 28/333Certificate of sums remaining in the Exchequer of Receipt. 1655-1658.
TNA, SP 28/334-337Collectors' and receivers' receipts.
TNA, SP 28/338-343Particulars of accounts of receivers (in bags). Arranged by county.
TNA, SP 28/344Treason Trustees: warrants. 1652-1653.
TNA, SP 28/345Treason Trustees: warrants. 1654, 1656.
TNA, SP 28/346North Wales, etc: accounts and vouchers of Major General Sir Thomas Myddelton. 1644-1646.
TNA, SP 28/347Commissioners for compounding and managing estates under sequestration: orders and papers, West Midland counties. 1651-1660.
TNA, SP 28/348Commissioners for compounding and managing estates under sequestration: miscellaneous papers, with an original lease to John Bawdin of Middx of lands in Salop late of Sir Charles Smith, delinquent,10 Mar 1652. 1651-1660.
TNA, SP 28/349Court of Exchequer: miscellaneous papers relating to legal proceedings. 1653-1660.
TNA, SP 28/350Papers of various parliamentarian committees.
TNA, SP 28/351Returns to warrants issued by the Commissioners of Enquiry into public funds during the Civil War in Northumb, Yorks, etc. 1662.
TNA, SP 28/352Warrants for payment to army contractors and commanders of garrisons, Boston to Scarborough. 1645-1649.
TNA, SP 28/353Various papers, accounts and warrants of the several Parliamentary Committees. 1642-1648.
TNA, SP 28/354Various papers, accounts and warrants of the several Parliamentary Committees. 1649-1660.
TNA, SP 28/355Accounts of receipts and revenues of cathedrals.
TNA, SP 28/356Registrar's accounts (Prerogative courts of Canterbury and St Asaph) for probate, etc. 1643-1645.