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TNA, PROB 11/218/605

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TNA, PROB 11/218 > TNA, PROB 11/218/605

Registered copy of will of George Willingham, Painter Stainer of Saint Swithin, City of London. Originally made 1651-07-02 JL. Proved 1651-10-27 JL by Prerogative Court of Canterbury.


Work level is not represented because this manuscript copy is the only known version of this text.

Manuscript copy

Instance of: Will (registered copy)

Archival references

Catalogue record:
Held by GLAM: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)
Citable reference: PROB 11/218/605
Orderable reference: None


Copyright status of text: In copyright (unpublished)
Licence conditions of text: All rights reserved
Copyright explanation:


Date made: Wednesday 2 July 1651 JL / 12 July 1651 GR
Date proved: Monday 27 October 1651 JL / 6 November 1651 GR

Related entities

Created by: Willingham, George (-1651, London merchant)
Signed by: None
Addressed to: None
Main subject:

Published versions