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TNA, PROB (Probate)

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The National Archives of the UK (TNA) > TNA, PROB (Probate)

Probate records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related courts.

Structured data

Instance of: Collection
Catalogue record:
Held by GLAM: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)
Citable reference: PROB
Orderable reference: None
Created by: Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Main subject:


TNA, PROB 6Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Related Probate Jurisdictions: Administration Act Books
TNA, PROB 10Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Other Probate Jurisdictions: Bundles of Original Wills and Sentences
TNA, PROB 11Probate registers of Prerogative Court of Canterbury (1384-1653, 1660-1858) and Court for Probate of Wills (1653-1659).