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Royalist forces

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Any forces loyal to Charles I or Charles II from the start of the Bishops' Wars in 1639 to the Restoration in 1660. Includes Engaging Covenanters in the Second Civil War and Covenanters in the Third Civil War and Cromwellian conquest of Scotland. Also Ormond's forces in Ireland after the cessation of 1643. In page names for historical people, 'Royalist' is usually abbreviated to R. For forces fighting against the Confederates in Ireland before the cessation of 1643, use Irish government forces.

Basic data

Instance of: Allegiance faction
Wikidata ID:
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definite start date: 1639 JL Needs source
definite end date: Friday 16 March 1660 JL / 26 March 1660 GR Needs source
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Parent organizations

Dates in italic are earliest or latest known dates. Non-italic dates are definite start or end dates.

Parent: Relationship: Earliest: Latest: Source:
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Personnel should not be linked to an allegiance faction as it represents the allegiance of an organization, not a person. It is only used for Agents to define their roles in combat events

Query for sources

Barratt - Better Begging (1st edition, 2016)John Barratt, Better Begging than Fighting - The Royalist Army in exile in the war against Cromwell 1656-1660 (Solihull: Helion and Company, 2016).
British Library, Add MS 5752, ff. 191-200Royalist pay warrants.
British Library, Add MS 33590Handwritten list of indigent royalist officers claiming the £60,000 granted by Parliament in 1663. Not a copy of the printed list. Includes list of pay warrants for successful claimants. 1 bound volume. Not select manuscript. Can be photographed.