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Royalist forces

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Royalist forces is an allegiance faction. It is used to link organizations to the side that they were on, agents to the side that organizations they were members of were on, and addresses to the side that occupied them. It can be a value of:

It covers any forces loyal to Charles I or Charles II from the start of the Bishops' Wars in 1639 to the Restoration in 1660. This includes:

  • the royalist navy.
  • royalist forces from England, Scotland or Ireland in the Bishops' Wars.
  • royalist forces from England and Wales in the First, Second and Third Civil Wars and royalist risings in the 1650s.
  • Montrose's forces in Scotland in the First Civil War and 1650.
  • Engaging Covenanters in the Second Civil War.
  • Scots Covenanters in the Third Civil War and Cromwellian conquest of Scotland.
  • Ormond's forces in Ireland after the cessation of 1643 (before the cessation, all English forces in Ireland fighting against the rebels/confederates should be classed as Forces of Irish Government).

It does not cover:

  • any forces of Charles I before 1639, including the pre-war militia
  • any forces of Charles II after the Restoration

These are currently outside the scope of this project. If they are brought into scope in a later phase, they will probably have their own allegiance factions.