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Property:Spelt own name

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This is a property of type Text. It records the spelling that a historical person used when they wrote their own name. If the original spelling is recorded using this property, there is less need for the page name to match the spelling, but there should at least be a redirect for the original spelling.

Original spelling should be retained including literal u, v, i, j, or ff. This is different from our standard transcription conventions for transcripts of documents. As in our standard conventions, original capitalization should be retained.

The default value is 'Unknown', which means it is not yet known whether a person wrote their own name or how they spelt it.

If the person only ever signed with a title during this period, the title should be entered instead of their actualy name. For example, 'Essex' for Devereux, Robert (3rd Earl of Essex).

If a person only ever signed with initials, the initials should be entered here and not expanded to their full name.

In some special cases, the values should be:

  • 'X' if the person is only known to have signed with a cross.
  • '[mark]' if the person is only known to have used a mark and it cannot be transcribed as a letter.