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Property:Has parent

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This is a property of type Page. It shows that one entity is a parent of another. The exact meaning depends on the context.

Note that it never represents:

  • a relationship between two people as this is outside the scope of this project.
  • a relationship between copies, editions and works. For this, use Property:Is version of instead.

Command relationships

It is used by subobjects in Template:Command relationship subobject to show which unit or other entity is the parent in the relationship. Depending on the relationship type, this may be an ancestor rather than an immediate parent.

Where the child unit is an address and relationship type is military occupation, the parent should have two values: one should be an allegiance faction, and the other the specific unit which occupied the place. This is to make it easier to generate maps of territory controlled by factions.

Collections, manuscript texts, and printed copies

It shows a source's immediate parent in the hierarchy of the archive that holds it.

  • the parent of a collection can be another collection or a GLAM
  • the parent of a manuscript text can be another manuscript text, a collection, or sometimes a GLAM
  • the parent of an early printed copy can be a collection or a GLAM
  • the parent of a text section is the manuscript text or printed copy that it's part of, or another section if the text has a more complicated structure


It shows that one event was part of another, such as:

  • an assault or sally that was part of a siege.
  • a battle or skirmish that was part of a bigger raid. For example, the battle of Chalgrove was part of the raid on Chinnor but was a distinct part of it that needs a page in its own right.
  • a battle or capture of a fort that was part of a bigger series of battles, such as the individual parts of the battles of Lostwithiel.
  • a meeting that happened on one day but was part of a longer session
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