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Property:Has description

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This is a property of type Text. It contains a short, human-readable description of an entity or source. This is usually displayed at the top of the page to help with disambiguation in the same way as the Wikipedia template about. It can also be displayed in query results.

Try to use as little wiki markup as possible in the description. Italics should be used where needed. Wiki links will not work.

Make the text as short as possible but do include all of an entity's names and titles as this makes it easier to search for them.

A content warning should be added to this property if a page needs one.

Showing 20 pages using this property.
Settlement on island of Canna in Argyllshire, Scotland.  +
Ab Kettleby. Settlement in Leicestershire, England.  +
Ab Lench aka Hob Lench. Settlement in Worcestershire, England.  +
Abbas Combe aka Temple Combe. Settlement in Somerset, England.  +
Abberley. Settlement in Worcestershire, England.  +
Abberton. Settlement in Essex, England.  +
Abberton. Settlement in Worcestershire, England.  +
Abberwick. Settlement in Northumberland, England.  +
Abbess Roding. Settlement in Essex, England.  +
Abbey Dore. Settlement in Herefordshire, England.  +
Settlement in Fife, Scotland.  +
Settlement in Berwickshire, Scotland.  +
Settlement in Midlothian, Scotland.  +
Abbeytown aka Holme Abbey. Settlement in Cumberland, England.  +
Settlement in Roxburghshire, Scotland.  +
Abbots Bickington. Settlement in Devon, England.  +
Abbots Bromley. Settlement in Staffordshire, England.  +
Abbots Langley. Settlement in Hertfordshire, England.  +
Abbots Leigh. Settlement in Somerset, England.  +
Abbots Morton. Settlement in Worcestershire, England.  +