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This page gives an overview of the progress of this project.

Category:Default form categories lists subcategories for each basic entity type and shows the total number of pages of each type.

Data structures

As of September 2021, data structures are not expected to change much in future.

For the current state of the data structures, see:

Places and administrative areas

  • Category:Addresses lists all settlements, buildings, streets, islands, bridges and land that currently have pages. This is now nearly 19,000 pages.
  • Category:Areas lists all administrative areas such as counties.
  • we have pages for all Cathedrals in England and Wales.
  • you can drill down from Church of England to find all provinces, dioceses, archdeaconries and rural deaneries in England and Wales. We only have parishes for London, Westminster and Southwark. There are pages for some but not all peculiar jurisdictions.


Scotland represents the country and gives links to subordinates.


England represents the country and gives links to subordinates.

We now have a page for every:

We now have over 12,000 settlements in England. At least 1,000 are still missing. You can find an individual settlement using the search box, or follow the links from county pages to query for all settlements in that county.


London, Westminster and Southwark now have:


Wales represents the country and gives links to subordinates.

We now have a page for every:

So far we only have a few example populated places, mostly near battlefields.

People and animals

  • Category:Authors includes over 1,700 people who wrote sources relevant to the British Civil Wars but were not alive at the time.
  • Category:Agents lists people and animals who were alive during the British Civil Wars. Includes:





  • Category:GLAMs lists archives and libraries that hold manuscripts or early printed copies. Only three examples for now.


  • Category:Collections lists collections within GLAMs. For now these are only manuscript collections but they will later include early printed books.
  • Category:Manuscript texts lists manuscripts that still exist and whose location and catalogue reference is known.
  • Category:Lost manuscript texts lists manuscripts that no longer exist, or whose location is unknown, or that do not have catalogue references.

TNA, SP 28 (aka Commonwealth Exchequer Papers) has a page for every piece but not yet for every item. Pay warrants from 1642 to 1648 have extra levels that are not represented in TNA's catalogue but are not yet catalogued at folio level.


  • Category:Book editions gives the simplest overview of books that are currently represented here. Mostly a few tests and some especially important reference books.
  • Century of the Soldier (Helion)#Contents lists all books in this series that are about the British Civil Wars and that were published up to March 2020. Forthcoming titles are not yet included.

Articles and chapters


  • Category:Theses lists unpublished theses and dissertations. We now have more than 600, mostly from EThOS.