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Basic civil and ecclesiastical unit in Britain. Contained one or more small rural settlements or part of a large settlement.

This can be used as a value for Property:Is instance of in Form:Area.

Basic data

Subclass of: Civil area; Ecclesiastical area
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All instances of this type.

Any other information

Usually an 'ancient parish' which combined civil and ecclesiastical functions but can also include a purely ecclesiastical parish. Purely civil parishes were not usually used in the 17th century. Sub-units of a parish, such as townships or chapelries, will have their own types in future.

A rural parish often contained one village with which it shared a name, but there are many exceptions. Larger settlements could be divided into more than one parish.

For civil purposes, a parish was usually part of a hundred and/or borough.

For ecclesiastical purposes, an English parish was usually part of a rural deanery and an archdeaconry.

In Scotland, ecclesiastical parishes were part of a presbytery and a synod.