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Manuscript text

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Class of handwritten texts. Instances should usually be a more specific subclass. Subclasses are arranged by form and function of documents more than by contents.

Basic data

Subclass of: Texts
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LetterLetter, including original letters that were sent, received, intercepted or lost, unsent drafts, copies entered in letter books, or later transcripts.
Manuscript bookHandwritten draft or copy of a book or pamphlet. Use more specific subclasses where they exist, but this class should be used for all other handwritten books, including memoirs, treatises, instruction manuals, plays, poems etc. It is not intended to have subclasses for every genre of writing.
OrderClass of manuscript texts requiring that something should be done or not done in the future, or granting powers to do something.
PetitionFormal request to an organization or person in authority.
RecordClass of manuscript texts making claims, with varying degrees of authority and accuracy, that something has happened in the past. This class and its subclasses do not imply that the claims made in the texts are true, only that the claims have been made. An act recorded or the record itself may be performative in that they created a new legal status or social identity.


This class is not expected to have instances. Pages should usually be instances of a more specific subclass.

All instances of this class and its subclasses are listed in Category:Manuscript texts and Category:Lost manuscript texts.

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