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Forces of English Parliament

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Forces of English Parliament is an allegiance faction. It is used to link organizations to the side that they were on, agents to the side that organizations they were members of were on, and addresses to the side that occupied them. It can be a value of:

It covers the following forces:

  • parliamentarian forces in England and Wales in the First and Second Civil Wars
  • parliamentarian forces in the Third Civil War and Cromwellian conquest of Scotland
  • English forces in Ireland which did not stop fighting after the cessation of 1643 (before the cessation, all English forces in Ireland fighting against the rebels/confederates should be classed as Forces of Irish Government)
  • the parliamentarian navy from 1642 to 1653
  • the army and navy between the end of the Protectorate and Restoration of Charles II (1659-60)

During the Protectorate (1653-59), use Forces of Protectorate instead. For existing units, allegiance should change from Parliament to Protectorate on Friday 16 December 1653 JL / 26 December 1653 GR.