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Edgehill (1642-10-23 JL, battle)

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Battle of Edgehill. AKA Kineton.

Basic data

Instance of: Combat event
Wikidata ID: Q1478525
WGS84 coordinates: 52° 8' 23.89" N, 1° 29' 2.98" W
Date: Sunday 23 October 1642 JL / 2 November 1642 GR


Located in or near:

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Related events

Parent event: None

This event does not have any known child events.


Main forcesAllegiance
Essex's ArmyParliamentarian and Protectorate forces
Oxford ArmyRoyalist forces

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Wanklyn - Decisive Battles (1st edition, 2006)Malcolm Wanklyn, Decisive Battles of the English Civil War (1st edition, 2006).

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