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British Library, Stowe MS 190

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British Library, Stowe Manuscripts > British Library, Stowe MS 190

Letter book of Sir Samuel Luke MP, parliamentarian governor of Newport Pagnell. Copies of letters sent and received, 1644-10-10 JL to 1645-03-12 JL.


Parent works: Luke - Letter Books

Manuscript copy

Instance of: Letter book

Archival references

Catalogue record: VU2:IAMS040-001952980
Held by GLAM: British Library
Citable reference: Stowe MS 190
Orderable reference: Stowe MS 190


Copyright status of text: In copyright (published)
Licence conditions of text: All rights reserved
Copyright explanation: Published in 1963.


Earliest date of existence:
Date signed:
Covers period from: Thursday 10 October 1644 JL / 20 October 1644 GR
Covers period to: Wednesday 12 March 1645 JL / 22 March 1645 GR

Related entities

Created by: Luke, Samuel, Sir (scoutmaster)
Signed by: None
Addressed to: None
Main subject:

Published versions

Published in Luke - Letter Books (Tibbutt edition) in 1963.

Any other information

Letters received start at the beginning of the book and are in page order. Letters sent are upside down from the back of the book towards the front.