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British Library

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National library and legal deposit library. At Euston Road, London, and Boston Spa, Yorkshire. Formerly part of British Museum. Most online catalogues and other web services are currently unavailable because of a cyber attack in October 2023.

Basic data

Instance of: GLAM
Official website:
Wikidata ID: Q23308
ARCHON code: 58
Main subject: None


British Library, Thomason TractsPrinted pamphlets and broadsides collected by George Thomason. Contents not currently represented here because individual printed copies are out of scope.
British Library, Western ManuscriptsCollections of western manuscripts.

Any other information

Often abbreviated to BL but this is not used here as it can easily be confused with the Bodleian Library.

The library was formerly known as the British Museum Reading Room. Older secondary works may reference manuscripts with the prefix BM instead of BL.

Interim catalogues and finding aids

Because of the cyber attack in October 2023, most online catalogues and other resources are unavailable, although the London reading rooms are still open and material stored on site can be ordered manually. These resources can help to locate material: